Does Big Sam Still Have The Support Of The Newcastle Fans?

Big Sam, his team battered and bruised by Liverpool yesterday, shouldn’t have stepped out of the race for the England hotseat, because at this rate he’ll be lucky to still have a job at Newcastle – and it looks like a healthy slice of Geordie fans agreed – booing him for large portions of the game and chanting songs like: ‘You don’t know what you are doing’ and ‘Big Sam for England’ as well as a rousining number in which Liverpool and Newcastle fans sang ‘You should have stayed at the Reebok.’
Gruff Big Sam held back the tears saying:

‘I have never quite found myself in this predicament before, but I have dealt with some difficult situations and this one is a good challenge.

‘You roll your sleeves up and you get on with your job. You know what’s right and you know what’s wrong and you get it put right. Hopefully, that starts at Blackburn next week.’

Blackburn away, oh joy!

With their 4-1 home trouncing by Portsmouth still a painful wound, and the grotty statistics that the Geordies have now only taken one point from the last twelve and that Newcastle could’t even manage a single shot on goal, at home(!) can Big Sam stay for much longer?
After a depressingly dire 3-0 home loss to Liverpool in which the Merseysiders could have scored at least double that, does Allardyce still have the support of the Newcastle fans?