Portsmouth boss attacks Newcastle and West Ham “Traitors”!

Potsmouth’s Harry Redknapp, an Englishman to the core, so much so that he says that any red blooded Englishman who intentionally pulls himself out of the race is a traitor. Redknapp implied that some managers, like Curbishley and Allardyce, have pulled out of the race simply because they don’t think they’ll get the job. Redknapp said:

“Some people have come out this week and said they don’t want the job.

“Let’s be honest, lads, if you’re an Englishman and in the Premier League and they offer you it, I don’t think anyone’s going to say No. How can you turn it down, the chance to manage your country?

“People may rule themselves out of it because they don’t think they’re going to get it. To manage in the Premier League is a dream; to manage your country is an even greater dream.

“You’d almost have to be a traitor to turn it down.”

So that’s that then – Curbishley and Allardyce are traitors to Queen and country, whilst Harry Redknapp is a true and great Englishman.