Liverpool Manager Will Be Sacked Shortly

The Times is reporting that Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez’ days are numbered after a week of intense bitching between the Spaniard and his American paymasters.
Times journo Oliver Kay writes:

“Rafael BenÍtez will not survive the power struggle at Liverpool and is in danger of being dismissed as manager sooner rather than later, having alienated the club’s American owners during a week of intense political turmoil.”

With wrangles over the size of January’s transfer kitty, Rafa being told to concentrate on coaching and tactics, and allegations from Rafa that Gillett and Hicks don’t understand the english transfer system, The Times reckons that it isn’t a case of if but when Rafa leaves.

Kay continues:

“In the best-case scenario, he may yet see out the remainder of the season before being sacked or leaving by mutual consent, but the word from within the club is that the American tycoons have lost all trust in him after recent challenges to their authority and that, despite his popularity with supporters, his dismissal is only a matter of time. Even in the unlikelihood that he apologises, it may only postpone the inevitable”.

So what will Anfield life be like without their talismanic Spaniard? With the FA running out of options for a new manager he could easily waltz into their open and grateful arms. But is he that much of a masochist?