Middlesbrough To Reclaim McClaren?

Yep, the tragic truth is that this could become more and more of a possibility as the season continues. Fan site
claims that:

“Middlesbrough are the only club in England at the moment that could countenance the thought of Steve McClaren as their manager. The idea that he might soon return will not be suppressed easily.”

And for those Middlesbrough fans reaching for their red and white standard issue ‘Boro sickbags their are some sobering statistics with regards to his replacement Gareth Southgate.

Southgate hasn’t won for nearly three months and were very poor against Aston Villa this weekend. Southgate said of the performance:

“The way we are playing at the moment we would test anyone’s patience, somehow – which is beyond me – we have managed to stay out of the bottom three. We are very, very lucky. We have to fight out of it together. It will be tough because we are going to get hammered.”

Woeful at the back, barren at the front, could Middlesbrough ever consider taking McClaren back? After all he did win Middlesbrough their only major trophy, the 2004 Carling Cup, and even managed to drag them kicking and sreaming into the Uefa Cup final(!)