Idiot Of The Week: England’s Toilet Dwelling Ex, Aston Villa’s Gaffe-Boy, and Manchester United’s Lord of the Moan.

Each week we’ll be picking some nominees for Idiot Of The Week. Maybe they locked themselves in the toilet rather than watch the last ten minutes of a game, maybe they were photographed with vegetable in their bottom or maybe they’re just your team’s crappest footballer. Whatever the reason, here are our picks and we want to hear yours in the comments.

Not too many of the choices below will be able to oust Idiot-A Steve McClaren from his Idiot of the Week Perch.

Idiot-A Steve McClaren – For dropping Paul Robinson for jittery newboy Scott Carson, who then proceeded to do his best Paul Robinson impersonation for the first goal in the rotten England 2-3 Croatia loss which dumped England out of Euro 2008 Qualification and got “brolly-wally” McClaren sacked. Extra thick-skinned idiot points surely go for refusing to resign after the game.

Idiot-B Scott Carson – Sorry mate, we know you’re young and inexperienced and all that jazz (all the more reason for not playing him in a crucial match Idiot-A!) but you have to go in here – for the above mentioned clanger.

Idiot C Sir Alex Ferguson – For moaning about the up and at em Trotters team and their physical style of play that beat them 1-0 at the weekend. Letting hapless Liverpool poster-boy referee Mark Clattenburg ‘have both barrels’ of his hairdryer-blunderbuss at half time smacks of hypocrisy. Does S’Alex not remember Roy Keane and his ultra-violence?