Liverpool Boss Forced To Grovel For His Future

So Rafa shot his mouth off, and his American paymasters, used to the cutthroat world of mergers and acquisitions, told him that any more outbursts like that would get him booted out of Anfield permanently. So what did Rafa do next? Go out in a blaze of defiant glory OR grovel like an embarrassing puddle of apologetic urine?
The Sun reports that through the medium of a friend in his ‘inner circle’ Rafa has calmed the stormy waters at Anfield. Rafa’s friend said:

“Rafa loves it at Liverpool and hopes everything will be resolved. Rafa only wants to work for Liverpool. It wasn’t that long ago he was thanking Tom, George and Rick Parry for the work they did to bring Fernando Torres to Anfield. He is still grateful for that and hopes no lasting damage has been done.”

His friend contiuned, again outlining Rafa’s love for Liverpool Football Club:

“Rafa loves the people of the city, the fans and the club. All he wants is what’s best for the fans. His family are settled on Merseyside and he always describes his children as Scousers. That makes him really proud. Rafa has no plans to walk away.”

The Sun reckons however that all this proxy-brow nosing via a mate still might not save Rafa from the chop.