No Liverpool Player Exodus Even If Rafa Leaves

Today’s Daily Star is reporting that Javier Mascherano and several other senior Liverpool players will be keen to leave Anfield should manager Rafael Benitez be sacked.

Senior stars such as Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, Javier Mascherano and Jose Reina are likely to consider their own commitment to the cause. Mascherano will not pledge his future to Liverpool while the prospects of Benitez, who rescued his career following a nightmare stay at West Ham, look so grim.

Anyone suffering from a distinct sense of deja vu need not worry. Exactly the same ‘player exodus’ rumours circulated two months ago when Jose Mourinho left his Chelsea manager post. Newspaper reports hinted that the likes of Terry, Lampard and Drogba were almost certain to leave, with the latter even declaring:

“The day I signed for Chelsea I just felt disgusted. I know this is something which can’t have happened to many players but that’s how it is. I was disgusted.”

Needless to say, the Ivorian was swiftly brought into line with an apology following soon after the interview. Although it’s all very noble to see these over-paid Premier League footballers show loyalty towards their soon-to-be-leaving manager, they’re quickly reminded that it’s the club that pays their hefty salaries, not the gaffer.

Although Mascherano might leave due to his contract being partially dependent on whether his Spanish manager stays at Liverpool, talk of a mass player exodus might sell papers but it’s almost certainly wide of the mark. It’s natural for a player to question his future at a club when the gaffer that signed them leaves, although who’s to say his replacement won’t curry more favour with the players? Steven Gerrard might even get to play a full match in the next Merseyside derby.