Portugese Star Commits To Manchester United

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Sky Sports are reporting that Sporting Lisbon midfielder Miguel Veloso could transform into Manchester United midfielder Miguel Valoso but tthe player himself admits that this metamorphosis won’t happen until the end of the season and that although a move to Utd would be ‘sensational’ right now he is ‘100 per cent a Sporting Lisbon player’.
Veloso said:

“My dream is to play in the Premier League and, if possible, for Manchester United, that is not a secret, even though I’m 100 per cent a Sporting Lisbon player at the moment.I will wait for the end of the season for any solution to what has been happening and see if an offer finally arrives. But to play for this club would be sensational. It would be nearly impossible for me to reject this option. I’ve been made aware of the presence of the scouts from United. I am still young and I believe that I will arrive in the Premier League one day.”

And given that Sporing Lisbon are playing Manchester United in the Champions League this very evening, he’d better turn in an absolute barnstormer of a shop-window display!

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