Should Defoe have a bigger role at Tottenham?

A pretty piss poor week for Jermaine Defoe, turning up to play against he old team, getting mercilessly booed by West Ham fans, stepping up to smash home the winner after Tottenham were granted a last minute penalty – and then buggering it all up. Defoe didn’t really say goodbye to West Ham with any modicum of class after slapping in a transfer request pretty much exactly as West Ham were relegated.

So with Jermain Defoe’s Tottenham contract running out this summer and Daniel Levy urging him to stay, poor Defoe can’t help but be confused, the club want to keep him but they never actually want to use him for anything. Levy told BBC 5Live:

“Actions speak louder than words. He has to make a decision in the next few weeks as to whether he’s committed to staying, that’s what he says to me and to the fans, so I very much hope he’ll sign a new contract.”

Does this signal a bigger role for Defoe at the club, or will he turn his nose up at the new contract and seek a new club? With his contract expiring this summer he could leave for nothing and pick up huge personal terms somewhere else, worth moving?