Ex-Chelsea manager Mourinho Wants To Be The New McClaren

After being sleazed over by Fabio Capello yesterday, the FA got a much more attractive offer at the singles bar that is the search for the next England manager. Who’s that suave Portuguese with the trendy stubble and long coat who just popped the wink at Brian Barwick? Why it’s Jose Mourinho, the ultimate catch for any aspiring chairman or head of national football body. And he is giving the subtle come on, that’s for sure. He whispered coyly to The Sun newspaper:

“You will have to speak to the FA to see if they are interested in offering me the job. I cannot say what I think until they say they are interested. Tell the FA to come and get me. We will have to wait and see, but I rule nothing out.”

Oh Jose, stop it.

Get in there now Brian, this man is a genius. It might be hard to believe but he is a step up from Steve McClaren, really. If we can get Jose we would be idiots not to approach him NOW. First plane to Portugal on a mission to find the new England manager, what could go wrong?