Is There A Better Midfielder Than Everton’s Cahill?

The effect that Tim Cahill has had on Everton’s campaign this season has been sensational. The boxing ‘roo has scored vital goal after vital goal and seems a changed man after returning from injury. He has always been one of Everton’s best players, but wasn’t that last-minute bicycle kick against Chelsea good?
This week’s Actim Index scores back up how important the antipodean midfielder is, with Cahill racking up the highest scores of the week, 52 points – the 5th highest individual score this season. There is no doubt that Cahill’s return has had a huge effect on Everton, with some speculating there may be mysterious cosmic alignments that account for the Australian’s molten-hot form.

Although we don’t buy that guff there is no disputing Cahill’s brilliance. So, is there a better midfielder out there right now?