It’s Tottenham vs Arsenal for this Italian.

The Daily Mail reckons that both Tottenham and Arsenal are chasing the same man, Bayern Munich’s Italian striker Luca Toni, who the journos at the Mail describe as being ‘unsettled’. Toni is a goal machine in the Bundesliga and is currently perched right at the top of the goalscoring charts with 9 goals, the Italian was part of Bayern’s ‘spend spend spend’ philosophy last summer, bringing in a slew of new players including Luca Toni and Franck Ribery in a bid to forget last seasons crapfest where they only finished in the Eufa Cup Bundesliga slot. But now, claim the Daily Mail, although Toni is feasting on goals he isn’t settling in well in Germany.
Toni, a big , physical goalscorer would be perfect for the Premier League and although Ramos tried to sign Toni for Sevilla quite why the Spaniard needs another striker at Spurs is beyond us, but if this rumour is true it will make for a juicy transfer squabble between the two North London rivals.