Jose Mourinho To Replace Liverpool’s Sacked Manager?

The Guardian Football Weekly podcast had Andy Hunter on the phone from Merseyside this week, and he gave some airtime to the speculation that Jose Mourinho could be brought in to replace Rafa if he is culled by his American paymasters.

Hunter also said the word on the street is that Mourinho was considered for the Anfield job around the same time Liverpool were having a look at Benitez’s CV, but that the ‘Special One’ wasn’t recruited because his wild celebrations after Porto’s Champions League victory over Manchester Utd were deemed ‘not becoming’ of a potential Liverpool manager.

So would Liverpool fans welcome Mourinho slinking in to the Anfield hotseat, especially with the ‘history’ between Rafa and Mourinho? And would hiring tough-talking rebel Mourinho be conducive to the ‘quiet ride’ that Gillett and Hicks so obviously want?