Liverpool Fans To Protest About Rafa… Being Amazing

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Liverpool fans are good at protesting and complaining. Obviously sometimes it is for a noble cause and they should be patted on the back and supported (as long as they just keep it down a bit, some of us are trying to watch the football) but sometimes it’s all a bit over the top. This is one of those times, for they are planning a protest to say that Rafa is really good and should not be undermined in his job. Meanwhile, Benitez undermines his position more and more with every press-conference. Who are they protesting to, Hicks and Gillett or the gaffer? Maybe the protest has a slightly more reasonable cause…beer. According to the BBC:

Some reports suggest 5,000 fans will stage a rally, marching to Anfield in protest from a nearby pub.

But let’s not mock this, the Liverpool fans are genuinely a bit pissed off. John Mackin of the group Reclaim the Kop told the Telegraph:

“Liverpool Football Club exists not to make money. It exists to win trophies and be a source of pride for its supporters. It serves no other purpose. Rafa is far and away the most important figure at Anfield, bar none.”

Stevie G wouldn’t be happy to hear that, after that free-kick on Saturday too. He should start a protest, it’s the Anfield way.

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