Benitez: I’m Still The Best Of Friends With The Owners

We all fall out from time to time, but few of us decide the best way to deal with it is to have a bit of a slagging match through the press. Surely it would be a worry that once you have told the world you think your bosses are a couple of Scrooges with no understanding of how football works, they might just want to see the back of you.

Maybe that’s the situation for Rafa Benitez because he has spent the week backtracking over comments he made about Liverpool owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks last week, particularly in the wake of last night 4-1 win over Porto. As The Guardian reported:

From a renewed position of strength, it would not have been difficult for the Spaniard to reinforce his opposition to the transfer restrictions which had cast serious doubt on his future at the club. Instead, he made his clearest peace offering to the Americans, reluctantly accepting their revised work structure and insisting their relationship has not been irrevocably destroyed by his previous outbursts.

So what was it that crawling kiss-arse Rafa had to say for himself?

“I want to make it clear that I don’t have any personal problems with the owners. We were talking about some issues but it was nothing personal. I was not angry with them, just surprised. I was surprised with the situation in the end because I was trying to improve my club.

“OK, now I know I may have to wait but it was a strange situation. I was just trying to do my best for my club but I don’t have any personal problems with Tom Hicks or George Gillett.”

Not the best apology ever, is it? Still, a reference to how you are trying to improve the club and they are not there, Rafa. Try admitting you are wrong if you really want to get back in their good books. Or maybe it’s just too late…

As well as his orgy of boss brownnosing Rafa also thanked the fans , obviously he’s being careful to build up fans on his side in case it comes down to it by thanking them profusely.