Grant’s Out To Win The Trophy That Mourinho Couldn’t

Avram Grant has been surprisingly successful at Chelsea so far. Admittedly the tough test will come in a couple of weeks agaisnt Arsenal but you can’t really fault the work he has done against a run of pretty poor teams. It is what Mourinho used to thrive on, after all. But maybe it’s not the league that we should be considering Chelsea for. Avram has bigger plans, particularly after last night’s 4-0 demolition of Rosenborg. He said with a wink to Jose:

“It’s a long way until May but Chelsea have not even been in the final. This is one of our targets, maybe the main target, because we want to be a big club. One of the things to achieve that is to get to the final. I hope we will do it, and we will do it. Hopefully this year.”

If ever there was a case of thinking through your sentence before saying it, this is maybe it, as Avram changes his thought pattern 48 times in one statement. He’s possibly too busy wondering if he is missing out on the chance for a post-match drink and arse-kiss with Roman while he speaks to the press. But he won’t need to do that any more if he can bring the Champions League back to the Kings Road, will he?