Newcastle Boss: If My Craptastic Form Continues I’m Out

Newcastle manager Sam Allardyce has come out and admitted what we already know, that if he does well he’ll stay in a job but if the Magpies’ woeful form continues he’ll face the chop – well done Sherlock! Following last weekend’s wimpering defeat, Allardyce asked his players after the game if they were happy with his tactics and received nothing but a few mumbles in response (which were probably whispered calls to the players agents asking them for a move). Big Sam has admitted he could be facing the managerial guillotine sometime soon, but that any response from his paymasters won’t be of the knee jerk variety.
He told The Sun:

“My position is safe if I get results but not if I lose matches. It has never been different anywhere else — not here, not at Bolton, not anywhere. I would not have lasted eight years at Bolton if I did not get results. I believe there will be no knee-jerk reaction from my bosses. They are very stable and supportive and I hope that remains the case.”

How much longer can these poor results continue, especially as Allardyce wasn’t the choice of owner Mike Ashley…