Tottenham’s Boss Yet Again Highlights Jol’s Deficiencies?

Tottenham’s new boss doesn’t see the need to spend lots of dosh; instead he is more than happy to stay with the squad he has. That’s surely an indictment of friendly ogre Martin Jol’s reign at the Spurs helm, somehow managing to screw up a perfectly good squad. The Sun is also reporting that Juande Ramos has a healthy disgust for the January transfer window.
Ramos said:

“I don’t like the January transfer market because the good players are already with their teams. If a team has a good player, they are not going to give him away. In January, the only teams that sign players are the desperate teams. You’ve got to make your signings calmly and be certain about what you want and what you need. One thing’s for sure — if I have a good player, I’m not going to give him to another team. It’s the same for every other team. At the moment, it’s difficult because if a player has already played in Europe he can’t compete in the UEFA Cup. January is a difficult and complicated time to reinforce the team. At the end of the season, there could be some players of the level that would interest us.”

So if Ramos is right, was Jol really so bad that he couldn’t squeeze any decent performances out of this voluptuous Spurs squad? ]