TWO MEN ENTER: Cantona VS Ronaldo – Who is the best Manchester United genius?

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Two Men Enter is an opportunity to put two players together head-to-head, in an eyeball to eyeball battle for supremacy – and then it is over to you to pick the winner. Today’s pugilists? Manchester United Legend Eric Cantona and upstart skillster Christiano Ronaldo.

The Independent’s Ian Herbert today compares two of S’Alex Ferguson’s greatest loves, Eric Cantona and Christiano Ronaldo. Despite celebrating Cantona’s erect-collar and insouciant swagger, it turns out that Fergie has forgotten about his maverick French genius, and is currently intoxicated by the skillful fumes of Christiano Ronaldo. Introducing the latest in a long line of Christiano Ronaldo DVD’s The Lord Of The Ferg said:

“I’ve had some great players here over the years – Bryan Robson and Roy Keane, but in terms of sheer ability and imagination, Cristiano is, without doubt, looking the best now.”

…And with that declaration the teary moans of former United greats from Keane to Cantona – via Beckham and Robson – were heard throughout the land.
So is Ronaldo really better than Cantona – and isn’t Sir Alex jumping the gun a bit with this Ronaldo love-fest?

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