Lack Of Midfield Imagination Is Punishing Leeds

Guest written by COS reader Jack

With recents results coming into question by the Leeds faithful their are different theories,some say its the arrival of ‘Harry’ Bassett, some say Gus’s influence has hampered the form of the club. Yes I agree that Gus had a massive impact on the players and the club but people saying that the arrival of Bassetts ” Long ball game” Is the cause of the blip is wrong in my mind.

Even before Bassett arrived , we lacked creativity in the midfield and the only difference is we were getting the lucky bounces and the players were in the right place at the right time. What is changing the results is lack of any sort of creativity and flair in midfield. Against Hereford, the winger Lionel Ainsworth, was the best player on the pitch by far.

He had pace, he was creative and had the vision that any of our midfielders lack. Players like Hughes and Douglas are battlers and tacklers but neither of them have any vision, this makes them just hit the ball long and hope that Beckford or Kandol provide the finish. The reason for Leeds’ lack of form is not Bassetts arrival but the lack of vision and creativity in the Leeds midfield.