Why Does Newcastle’s Sam Allardyce Keep Banging On About His Bolton Record?

We first heard him go on about it when Newcastle played Arsenal. “I know how to beat this lot” blah blah blah, end result was a nice fat 2-0 loss. Then last week he was going on about how he knows, from his Bolton days, how to stop Liverpool and the end result was a 3-0 thrashing.

This time? Well Newcastle play Blackburn so

“Hopefully, my record stays intact in the Premier League, because my record there with Bolton Wanderers from six games was won three and three draws.

“In fact, I’ve not been defeated at Blackburn for a long time in the league, so I hope they carry that on for me tomorrow.”

Allardyce has always been a bit of a arrogant one, full of his own achievements bullying people with his Bolton gang so its rather sad to hear him constantly harp on about how Bolton every single match only to be turned over. And judging from the reaction of the crowd at last week’s home game, we imagine Newcastle fans would prefer he actually concentrate on achieving something with them that was worth talking about.