Joey Barton Not Impressed By Newcastle Fans, But Are You Impressed By Joey Barton?

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Insane nutters are rarely given public forums to express their mental views, but not so in football. Newcastle psycho and part time footballer Joey Barton has hit out at the Newcastle fans over their treatment of Sam Allardyce against Liverpool,

“I have not yet seen the famous crowd I was expecting to hear get behind us,” said the England midfielder.

“Instead it has been vicious; I don’t think I have heard a crowd that vicious.

“Last Saturday I was sitting on the bench – and after 20 minutes I had picked up on it. It shocked me.

“The fans want success and they want it straightaway, but unless they change that mentality and start supporting the side through poor results then things won’t change.”

“Unless there’s a massive change, it’s going to be the same for this manager, the next manager and whoever comes in after that,” he predicted.

“If it continues, when the manager goes for players, they will go somewhere else rather than jump in the frying pan.

“Sam’s a good manager. He’s getting the brunt of the criticism but doesn’t deserve it. Not many managers can turn a club round in five minutes.”

First, we’re a bit taken back by the fact that it took Barton 20 minutes to figure out what was going on in the stadium. Although admittedly mass booing and chants of “You Don’t Know What You’re Doing” can be quite a difficult one to suss out. Secondly, Joey is the last person to be allowed to complain about someone else’s behaviour. Yes, they’re booing, but it could be worse. For example, the crowd could be putting cigar’s out in your eye or beating you to death in training.

Has Joey Barton made a good point? Has he earned the right to take a shot at the crowd?

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