Does Arsenal’s Win Over Aston Villa Show The Youngsters Have A Champions Spirit?

Arsenal, despite losing to fellow group member Sevilla 3-1, have rose against premature critics with a 2-1 win against Aston Villa at Villa Park. With young star Francesc Fabregas missing, and new recruit Lassana Diarra taking his place, Arsenal were still up to their fiery best – extending their title lead to 5 points ahead of Manchester United.

Arsene Wenger described Arsenal’s win as that of a new class:

“We were brilliant and resilient. In the first half we played some absolutely amazing football. We moved the ball quickly, were accurate with our passing in short spaces and made it difficult for Villa.”

“Maybe in the past, games like that have been our Achilles heel. But we have improved, have more experience and resilience and we panic less.”

Brilliant and resilient? Based on that last game one would have to concur. Despite playing some mediocre football in the opening stages of the game, Arsene Wenger’s ‘Red and White Army’ were able to dismantle the scaffolding of a confident Villa side. Has Arsene hit the spot here with a team denying the very laws of capability? A team so young and inexperienced, yet commanding the Gods of the Premier League – this is a sight, a year, an era and a standard in which teams for decades will try to master- is this beyond comprehension or simply a purple patch for a young side that will inevitably crack later in the season?