Mourinho doesnt want to mess with England team

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The Guardian is reporting that if the bumbing FA keep on “dithering” over whether or not to offer Mourinho the glow in the dark contract that he desires, the Special One will saunter off to a swanky job in Spain – with both Barcelona and Real Madrid sounding him out. With old duffers Brian Barwick and Sir Trevor Brooking being the blunt couple designated to spearhead the search for a new boss it is looking increasingly unlikely that they will strike while the iron is hot and nab Mourinho. An unnamed ‘source’ said that the update on the search for a new managerial star given to the FA Board by Barwick basically gave the impression that:

‘If someone really wants this job and are of the right quality we will get them, if they are unsure about it, they should go elsewhere.’

And if there is anyone that is unsure it is the Special One, who the News of The World (hardly super-reliable we grant you) claims isn’t 100% certain about taking the helm with England. Yet another unnamed ‘source’ (does Mourinho’s friendship group consist of only garrulous gossip-mongers?) told the NOTW that:

“Jose wants a big European club as his next job, not England. He thinks international management is for old men and he has far more ambitions as a club manager when the chance comes. Milan have told him they want him and that is a job that he wants to take.”

So it looks like the writing is on the wall for Jose, and ‘Arry’s arrest has buggered up his plans too…whose next for consideration?

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