Newcastle’s Joey Barton to stay behind the black bars

Past Manchester City and current Newcastle player Joey Barton has been linked to a move away from the ‘Toon’ after a controversial press conference earlier in the week. However, manager Big Sam Allardyce asserts differently.

Big Sam said:
“Joey is a strong man with a strong opinion. He likes to say what he thinks,” said the Newcastle manager.

“But some of the interview he did was shredded and taken out of context. Joey’s commitment to Newcastle was there for the fans to see.

“You could also see their commitment to him and the rest of the team. I have to say thanks to all those fans who made the journey.”

A ‘strong man with a strong opinion’? You guessed that right Sam! The man with a brother who was sent to jail for murdering a person based on his race, sparked a ten-man brawl in a friendly match against Doncaster Rovers after “hacking” at an opposition player, stubbed out a lit cigar in youth player Jamie Tandy’s eye, assaulted a 15-year-old Everton supporter, exposed his backside to Everton fans at Goodison Park and also assaulted his team mate Ousmane Dabo who was sent to hospital for a detached retina.

For an ordinary player – one must be amazed at his existence with a professional footballing contract.