Idiot Of The Week: Evil Tottenham Red Card Ref, West Ham Laser Man and Newcastle’s Loonmaster General.

Each week we’ll be picking some nominees for Idiot Of The Week. Maybe they locked themselves in the toilet rather than watch the last ten minutes of a game, maybe they were photographed with vegetable in their bottom or maybe they’re just your team’s crappest footballer. Whatever the reason, here are our picks and we want to hear yours in the comments.

Let’s celebrate people, for the first week in ages Mr McClaren isn’t an option!

Idiot A – Phil Dowd – for listening to the fourth official and sending off Robbie Keane rather than listening to the barelyaudible voice of common sense in his own head.

Idiot B – Laser Pen Attacker – The West Ham fan who gleefully flashed a green laser into Didier Drogba’s face throughout the first half of the West Ham – Chelsea game.

Idiot C – Joey Barton – OK not so much an idiot, more of a full blown lunatic – bandying about the claim that he isn’t scared of jail, well jail should be very scared of his bum flashing, cigar wielding, wedding vegetable crushing, maniacal antics.