Liverpool Finally Become Serious Title Contenders.

Liverpool whupped Bolton 4-0 this weekend and Rafa’s eyes glimmered like the Premier League trophy which he now reckons his boys are serious contenders for. Rafa B chirped:

“If you have a striker who can score 20 goals and others around him who can chip in with 15, you know you have a chance. It is easier to win games and very difficult for defenders to stop you, and there is no doubt we are in good shape at the moment. For the last three years there has been talk of the title but we have left ourselves too much to do. We have been too far behind and unable to catch up. I prefer to talk about these things at the end of January but it is clear we are a lot closer this time. We have a better squad and more confidence, and as injured players continue to return we will be even better equipped. There is still room for improvement but we are looking good and I have a lot of confidence for the second part of the season.”

So is this the umpteenth false dawn at Anfield, or will Rafa and his little beard be able to translate their European expertise to the domestic market, and dismiss all this “always the bridesmaid never the bride” guff once and for all?