Middlesbrough Bid 10m For Ronaldinho… Hahaha!

It looks like Middlesbrough have tried to silence the critics and to spice up their bland team by making a bid for Ronaldinho!? Chairman Steve Gibson has apparently put in a cheeky bid according to Sky Sports who even claim that the Catalan press have confirmed that only Middlesbrough have made a firm bid.
Sky Sports’ Graeme Bailey writes:

“Now lowly Boro – who have a firm liking for Brazilians having signed eight over the past decade – have seemingly made what appears to be a cheeky bid for Ronaldinho as reports state their offer is as low as 15million euros (£10million).”

Zounds?! Only £10million? This is surely a footballing masterstroke!
Gibson is surely attracted by the undoubted marketing brilliance of bringing the buck toothed ball whizz to Middlesbrough is frankly unfathomable, it also opens up the delicious possibility of pairing up the oversized facial features of manager Gareth Southgate with facially challenged Ronaldinho, a veritable PR and marketing blunderbuss that is sure to bring in the glory hunters to glamourous ‘Boro.
And what of party maniac Ronaldinho, who will surely be eager to swap the glitzy Barcelona high life for the bright lights of Middlesbrough.