Mourinho has set out a plan for England’s future

Why would Jose Mourinho would want the England job? He could take any job in the world, yet the one he seems tempted by a job that gives a match every two months, leaves his private life open to the public and involves working with Brian Barwick. And Paul Robinson.

But want it he does, quite badly too. Is it just the attention? Or perhaps the boredom of unemployment. For he has been sending his time off plotting the future of English football, according to the Guardian.

Jose Mourinho has prepared a blueprint for English football success in anticipation that the Football Association will make formal contact this week for discussions over the vacant England manager’s position.

Steve McClaren did a similar thing, he wrote ‘Smile sheepishly, act needlessly positive and hope no-one notices I don;t know what I’m doing’ on a piece of paper and referred to it every time the pressure was on. Mourinho’s is a bit more in depth.

Mourinho’s blueprint includes restarting the building of the National Football Centre at Burton, the creation of an organisation based on club structures and a full-time medical department unconnected with any Premier League team.

And it could all actually happen.

A friend of Mourinho said yesterday: “In my opinion if they want him – and I believe they do because there’s a lot of pressure from the players and people in general in England – and if they accept his plans, I think he could be England’s next boss.”

For a country that has just spent two years with Simler Steve in charge this is all too good to be true.