Tottenham’s Keane Sees Red, But Was It Just?

“No way Jose!” says Tottenham assistant boss Gus Poyet, who according to the Daily Mail said:

“After making an effort to come back, you get a decision like that. He asked the fourth official, I didn’t know he was refereeing the game. The man in the middle is the one who should be refereeing.”

Hmm…Interesting question Gus! The fact that ref Dowd asked his 4th official for his opinion is one of the main sticking points as the red-card inducing Keane tackle was right under Dowd’s nose and referees are only meant to use fourth officials testimony “in cases of mistaken identity or if he did not see an incident.”

Robbie Keane, rightly redded for his filthyness or the victim of fourth-official assisted lunacy?