West Ham “Laser Fan”; Stupid OR Genius?

Chelsea’s Didier Drogba is firmly in the stupid camp, claiming that the West Ham fan who tormented him by flashing a laser in his face throughout the first half was an idiot. Drogba told Sky Sports:

“It’s difficult as you see this green light…This is a stupid fan I think.The rest of the West Ham fans were good. I think they supported their team.That’s what we want to see in the stadium, not these kind of things.”

So is this fan a stupid arse-clown or was it actually a genius idea to wave a laser in the face of Chelsea’s molten hot, almost unplayable even when half fit, striker? Was this fan the 12th man for West Ham, and is this a tactic we’ll be seeing more of, or this a diplorable act by a fiend of a fan?