Fulham Boss Smashes Back At Manchester United’s Claims.

In a niggly day of “he-said, she-said” bickering, Fulham top dog Lawrie Sanchez has thrown a denial back at Sir Alex that will probably sent the Scotsman’s face an even brighter shade of vermilion. When Annti Niemi looked to have felled our erstwhile hero Ronaldo, The Lord of the Ferg claimed that Niemi’s ‘con-man’ antics tricked the ref into booking the Portuguese superstar rather than giving him the penalty, and the chance at a hat-trick that he deserved… Sanchez’ denial has cut through all this guff like a machete through loo roll. Sanchez said:

“Obviously Antti didn’t feel any contact with his feet so he assumed that Ronaldo has jumped over the top of him and then gone to ground. There was no contact. Watch the replays. Antti didn’t touch Ronaldo and that was all he was trying to point out to the referee.”

So who would you believe, S’Alex or Lawrie Sanchez?