Manchester United Boss Unleashes A Priceless Moan At Fulham’s “Con-Man”

Manchester United last night beat Fulham 2-0 but the Lord of the Ferg wasn’t happy, leaping like a moany salmon in defence of his wonderboy Cristiano Ronaldo, claiming that he was cruelly denied a potential hat-trick by duplicitous actor Antti Niemi. Fergie said:

“It was unbelievable. The keeper has conned the ref and Ronaldo has been booked for it. The ref has a perceived idea that Ronaldo is going to dive but there was no way he could get out of the road. He was on a hat-trick so why would he dive? No reason, it’s a ridiculous decision. He’s taken him out with both hands yet it’s Ronaldo who gets a booking and I think it’s unfair. It’s the wrong decision, simple as that. Is he paying for his reputation? There’s no question about that — he’s a magnificent footballer but he’s getting unfairly treated.”

So did Niemi act to get Ronaldo booked for diving when it should have been a deserved penalty?