Arsenal’s Wenger Says ‘We Can Win The Title!’ Can they?

Arsenal are currently three points ahead of second-placed Manchester United with a game in hand, and a win at St James Park this weekend will extend their lead. Arsenal have blissfully dominated the season thus far, and it seems that no one will be able to catch them, let alone match their style of play. Arsene Wenger’s men remain unbeaten, with comparisons to the ‘Invincibles’ already arising within the media.

Last week, Arsenal were able to beat Aston Villa 2-1 without their man of dreams Cesc Fabregas – can they do it again this week? With Fabregas in doubt, and playmaker Aleksandr Hleb out along with Mathieu Flamini and Abou Diaby, can the likes of Diarra, Denilson, Gilberto and and Eduardo manage?

Arsene Wenger thinks so: “Maybe for dreamers, they think about the title – but we are realistic people and we know that at 14 games, there is still a long way to go.”

“The championship is fantastic because it is down to consistency and you get that if you are capable to get your resources together for every single game – that is why we are not dreamers and are realistic people.

“We do, of course, think we are capable and we will grab that chance if we can get the best out of our team.”

In the pre-season, Arsenal were picked for inevitable failure – with most critics predicting a finish outside the top four. However, they are now the title favourites, sitting on top of the league and in flying form.

Wenger has brewed a team that has denied any/all expectations. Despite being attacked by the media and other managers for his foreign policy, no person should be mocking nor challenging such an experienced soldier as Arsene. Can Arsenal’s young men hold on? Can the outrageous skills and arrogance of Fabregas prevail over pansy and part-time footballer Cristiano Ronaldo? Can the subtleness and amazing footskills of Hleb undermine Chelsea FC? You decide.