Aston Villa, Manchester United, and Middlesbrough FA Cup Conspiracy!

Masters of the conspiracy the Daily Star are claiming that there was an almighty “balls up” in the FA Cuo Draw – with Aston Villa being drawn against Man Utd , but with many people watching the draw on tv seeing ball number 25, not 24, come up – the Star reckons that there was a godawful balls up. And with ball number 24 being Middlesbrough you can see why Villa fans are a tad pissed off to be facing Fergie’s men rather than Southgate’s.
The Daily Star announced:

“In the live draw, ex-Arsenal star Sammy Nelson, 58, announced the number 24 – Man United – ball from the perspex tumbler. He declared United, managed by Sir Alex Ferguson, 65, would play Villa in the third round of English football’s biggest cup competition. But some fans were convinced they actually saw the number 25 ball on their screens, which represented Middlesbrough, managed by Gareth Southgate, 37.
And a replay of the draw seems to show it does bear the number 25.”

Oops! And due to this foul up, the Star claims they were flooded with letters of complaint, including Villa fan John Simons, who apparently said:

“I can’t believe it.I’m sure he dipped his hand in the bowl and pulled out a 25 but then he said it was 24.I was in the pub with a couple of mates at the time and we were in despair. We should have had Middlesbrough.”

You have to feel for them! After all the idea of an afternoon stroll against Middlesbrough is much more appealing that being eviscerated by Fergie’s superstars.