Everton’s Chairman Is A ‘Toffee Killer’ And Their Director Used To Love Spurs!

Chairman and theatre luvvy Bill Kenwright had to face some drama at Everton’s AGM last night. Several shareholders could not hold their disgust in any more, firing off a number of accusations and calling Kenwright:

“The man who murdered the soul of Everton.”

Mewanhile, someone else raged:

“You will be the death of the club.”

But looking beyond the ear-bashing the theatre impresario received, the most interesting thing to come out of the AGM was Kenwright’s admission that if Kirby didn’t work out, redeveloping Goodison would be plan B, and the mooted Scotland Road site within Liverpool a distant plan C. Kenwright said:

“I do listen to the fans, I don’t want to leave Goodison, either. But we have had no confirmation of the cost of the Scotland Road site, and we have also been told that it is not big enough for a 50,000 seater stadium. If the Kirkby project does not happen, then the plan B will be to look again at Goodison Park. And I suppose that the Scotland Road site would have to become a plan C.”

So all in all a pretty lively AGM, topped off with the admission of moneybags Planet Hollywood mogul and Everton director Robert Earl that he is a “former” Spurs fan(!)

After the AGM Kenwright wimpered to Sky Sports:

“I expected this reaction, I was under no illusions and expected a passionate, angry meeting…I am trying to say ‘I am not an idiot, I am one of you’. If there was a possibility of something different do you think I would not be going for it? We have consultants helping us, and the team we have brought in to look at these other schemes know what they are doing. You would think we had brought in Desperate Dan and Corky the Cat, they way people are talking. We have got the best in the business looking at all the options, including the Kirkby move”