Ex Everton and Liverpool stars to storm in and take Ireland job?

It looks like a “dream team” of old Everton baldie legend Howard Kendall, with facially challenged Peter Beardsley (a former Everton AND Liverpool player) filling in as his able-bodied assistant.
Kendall said:

“I’ve had long enough out of it now and I feel it would be perfect for me and hopefully for them. I’ve made some enquiries…Look at the CV and go through the history of what I’ve done, I know who I would put in place. If he was interested, the likes of Peter Beardsley, I think he would be superb. I have spoken to Peter and he said he would love to work with me again.”

So will 61 year old Kendall, a former member of the glorious triumvirate of Kendall, Ball, and Harvey – as well as being at the helm during Everton’s successes in the 80’s (and their craptastic crapness in the 90’s) and his assistant, who also had a scintillating playing career – be able to turn the good ship Ireland around?