Fabio Capello Liverpool Link Is Pure Tripe

The Liverpool Echo are reporting a juicy bit of non-news, the story that Fabio Capello and his iron fist are going to storm Anfield and replace Rafa Benitez and his hairy chin is – quite unsurprisingly – complete guff…
The dodgy rumour, which like a rogue fart has yet to be assigned to any specific journo, said that Capello had been contacted twice by Liverpool, once before ,and once after, their Porto performance.
Liverpool Chief Exec Rick Parry leapt on this crapulous story like a professional wrestler, calling it

“absolutely, completely and utterly untrue”.

Parry added, just to completely crush any life left in this rumour:

“Capello has not contacted us and we have not contacted him.”

Right, that flattens that rumour like a pancake then.