Ronaldinho To Choose Between Middlesbrough And Chelsea

Yup, that could be the choice facing the buck-toothed genius – the Kings Road or Middlesbrough.

The Daily Mail reckons that Barcelona could now be forced – due to FIFA regulations – into offering goofy skillster Ronaldinho at a cut price, and Chelsea are ready to leap on him (although quite why a cut in price means much to Russia’s richski rich Roman Abramovich is beyond us.)
Ronaldinho’s brother and advisor Roberto de Assis Moreira apparently told Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport that:

“Ronaldinho wishes to stay in Spain, but if the board of Barcelona feel that he is no longer indispensable, then he will be able to leave for nothing.”

And a FIFA-EU rule will reportedly allow Ronaldinho to saunter out of Barcelona after he serves three years of his contract – ignoring his whopping buy-out clause – and leap into the arms of his Chelsea suitors, and all for a very reasonable estimated £13m. That’s as long as no Spanish clubs want him and the lure of Middlesbrough isn’t too much!