Sunderland Striker Banned From Nightclub

Imagine the scene. You’ve just scored a last-minute goal for your club on Saturday afternoon, thus ensuring you’re out of the relegation places. After collecting a few man-of-the-match trophies and a spot of dinner, it’s time to kick back with a few beers and a bit of a boogie at the local nightclub. However, as you walk past the bouncers, you feel a gloved hand on your shoulder: “I’m sorry son, but you canna come in anymore”.

This is the situation facing Sunderland’s Anthony Stokes, with the Daily Mail reporting that he’s been banned from The Glass Spider nightclub, after Roy Keane described the venue as an ‘obvious pitfall’.

Tony Griffiths, a director of Wylam Leisure who own the night-spot, said: “As great Sunderland supporters, we obviously want to see them do well. If Roy Keane thinks The Glass Spider is a distraction, then we have decided to bar Anthony until the season ends so he can concentrate on his game.”

Once again, Roy Keane is following in the footsteps of his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who gradually ousted ‘party animals’ such as Paul McGrath and Lee Sharpe from Manchester United.