Want to write for CaughtOffside?

We are currently looking for talented writers who can deliver football news with some combination of wit, insight, humour and as few embarassing spelling errors as possible.


– If you’ve ever gotten better than a ‘See Me’ on a school essay
– If you’ve ever been praised for your intelligent insight on football
– If you’ve ever started a pub fight for your opinionated, blinkered opinions on football
– If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to anger thousands of people at once
– If you don’t mind people calling you a c*nt

Then you might be ready to write for CaughtOffside.

If you’d like to apply, please email editor[at]caughtoffside[dot]com with the following:

– Club Supported
– Brief writing sample on any football topic you like be it an expletive filled rant, tactical analysis or thoughtful haiku. An ideal writing example would be taken from today’s news, so we can see how well you would translate.

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