Arsenal Boss Wenger Is More English Than You

Eh?!? Yep, you read that right, Arsene Wenger reckons he is more English than you, and unsurprisingly that makes him quite sad. The Times reports that if Arsene is asked about his preference for next England manager he’ll bellow “HE HAS TO BE EEENGLEESH.” No seriously. There is no room for filthy foreigners as inside Arsene’s modest frame beats the heart of a red-blooded Englishman.
Arsene said:

“I will give him my opinion, which I do not hide. I have said that many times. I think it has to be an Englishman because it is English football and the English football federation. You know what makes me sad? I am more nationalistic than you because you want to go for [Jose] Mourinho, for [Fabio] Capello – I am the only one who goes for an Englishman.”

But when asked to name someone specifically, Arsene clammed up, as that opinion is for FA ears only. And remember to thank Wenger for all he has done for the England national team, like signing foreigners every chance he gets.