Second Chelsea Star Thinks World Cup Success Will Be Easy With Mourinho

First there was John Terry, singing The Special One’s praises from the tallest rooftop in the land, now Michael Essien has joined the Mourinho love-in, claiming that England will win the World Cup if they bag Mourinho.
Essien said:

“Frankly, I don’t know why the FA are delaying over Mourinho. They should get him now to coach the team and get England back to where it belongs — on top of world football. Having worked under him I know he is the man to help the team regain its confidence, like he did many times at Chelsea. I know that Mourinho will help England win the World Cup when all hope is lost. “

Wow, so what are you waiting for FA!? Essien continued:

“Jose will be very good for England. We all know what Jose is made off and how he can turn everything he touches into gold. He did that with Porto when no one gave them a chance to win the Champions League. He turned Chelsea into a title-winning team and I am sure he will restore the belief and win trophies for England.”

Eurgh – all this saccharine praise is making us feel ill. Ok, so Mourinho did a wonderful job at Chelsea, but to lift England to success at the World Cup will require truly expert turd-polishing skills!