Tottenham Try To Learn About “Defending”

Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe claims that every Spurs player has been told about the previously alien concept of “defending” and that even attackers have to take on some defensive responsibilities.
Although Ramos was well aware of Spurs’ porous defence well before he came over to north London (he apparently had a dvd highlighting Spurs’ defensive frailties at the infamous Spanish hotel meeting) it is still patently broken; recent Jol-esque results with five goals conceded in their last two games, at home to Aalborg and Birmingham – hardly the most potent of attacks – and overall Spurs have the fourth worst defensive record in the Premier League.
Defoe claims that things are getting much better:

“We know exactly what we’re doing defensively. The organisation is better and everyone-knows their job. Even during play when we haven’t got the ball, he has changed where the strikers should press. Everything is so organised and it’s very good.”

When is Ledley returning again?