Would England Be In Euro 2008 If West Ham Keeper Was #1?

West Ham reckon that the madness has to stop and that Robert Green should be promoted to the lofty heights of England number 1, whilst gaffe triumvirate James, Robinson, and Carson should be booted to touch.
West Ham assistant coach Mervyn Day griped:

“I can’t believe Robert hasn’t got in the England squad.He has been consistently excellent for the last nine or ten months.In the run-in to last season he won us two or three games on his own.You only have to look back to the Arsenal away game where we scored a very good goal but he got 25 out of 10 for his performance.He has been excellent again for us this year.”Why not for Robert? Everybody who comes in should start with a fresh slate.”

Day then went on to describe his strengths, which coincidentally are all the things that were missing in McClaren’s choices for keeper. Day said:

“Have a look at who’s playing well – what they are doing for their clubs and if they do it honestly then Robert must have a fabulous chance.Robert is very calm and unflappable. He is confident in his own ability.He works his socks off, he is always in the gym doing his weights but he has got that ability to shut things out. If things go wrong for him, he doesn’t dwell on it. He gets on with what he has got to do next. He has got a very balanced view of life. He is not obsessed with watching football outside of West Ham. He comes in and does his job but has got the ability to relax. You can get too wrapped up in things but he handles it very well.”

So it looks like Mervyn Day has got his bid in early for Robert Green to be England’s new number 1, and it is hard to argue with him.