An Arsenal Star Who Actually Might Actually Play For England!

And he’s foreign! You really couldn’t script it any better.

But yes, Arsenal keeper Manuel Almunia (who is as Spanish as tapas or weird mullets) hasn’t ruled out playing for England for some reason,

“I would never close the door on people who have shown me so much affection,” he told El Mundo.

“If I can lend England a hand once the time comes for me to be eligible – and I want to thank the country for the support it has shown me – I don’t see why I shouldn’t play for them. I don’t rule it out.”

Now we’re not sure which English fans have been showering Manny with affection since even many of the Arsenal fans we know still consider him to be a clown going through a patch of decent form. Considering the ruckus whether England needs a foreign manager, we wonder what people would say if we gave up trying to win as a nation altogether and started putting foreign players out there too (looking at you, Hargreaves).