Arsenal’s Sagna: Diving Cheat or Victim of Newcastle Thuggery?

In the highly entertaining 1-1 draw at St James’, one of the events to note was Arsenal fullback Bakary Sagna getting booked for diving after a challenge from Alan Smith. There did look to be some contact made, but probably not deserving the “SWEET JESUS MY LEG BE BUSTEDS!” reaction that followed.

Unsurprisingly, the two clubs fall on opposite sides of the fence with Allardyce claiming that Wenger’s lads were all trying to con the ref while Arsene thinks his team are being unfairly targeted.

But with those two being fairly biased in this situation, we’ll turn it over to the only people even more so – you lot. So would you have booked Sagna for diving or sent Smith off for the Worst Challenge of All Time ™?