Does It Really Matter If England Isn’t Managed By An Englishman?

The Daily Mail reckons that the two FA men tasked out to find England’s new manager are actually at loggerheads over who should be appointed, with Barwick going for continental class, and Brooking instead nominating a rough and ready Englishman, Alan Curbishley.
Daily Mailsters Matt Lawton and Charles Sale report that Brooking actually wanted Curbishley for the England hot seat last time but he was dropped down the hot list by Barwick, who wants

“to be seated alongside a man who will protect him from any criticism; someone with a record as impressive as Mourinho, Fabio Capello, Marcello Lippi or Martin O’Neill.”

The Mail also claims that Lippi and Capello ae emerging as top choices, and Brooking won’t like that. So does it really matter if we go for an Englishman or not? Brooking and Wenger certainly seem to think so.