Have Everton Found The New Scholes?

Everton’s Tim Howard, a former Manchester United man – has hailed Tim Cahill’s return from injury. Since his comeback the Australian has been in white-hot form, scoring for fun, making great runs from midfield and generally acting like a taller, rougher and non-ginger Paul Scholes. Howard said:

“Tim’s very like Scholesy in that he has a knack of being able to score. He pops up right when you need him — that’s why he gets paid the big money! Scholesy is a bit crafty, whereas Tim likes to mix it up a bit more. He gets up in the air, while Scholesy has so many tricks. Players like Tim and Scholes just have a knack for coming up with a goal.

“It’s like they pop up and seem almost lucky but Tim makes his own luck. He’ll stick his head in or his feet in if he thinks he can get a goal. He’s worth his weight in gold and, apart from being able to score, he also has a terrific engine. Since coming back he has been on fire and long may it last.”

In comparing Scholes and Cahill, Howard also points out their differences with Cahill more rough and ready and prone to leaping around like a gazelle on a springboard, whereas Scholes is tricky and skillful… so maybe Cahill is less the new Scholes and more his own man.