Is Zokora The Answer To Tottenham’s Defensive Crapness

Tottenham yesterday got the result they needed, bagging a precious point away to Anderlecht, and discovering what could possibly be the answer to their craptastic defending in the process. Ramos said of the victory, which took them past the group stages:

“We have managed to get through the group. With the way the group started and our earlier loss to Getafe we have to be happy. That loss had made things very difficult for us and we managed to turn the situation around and go through.”

And as for hidden gem Zokora, who turned in (by Spurs standards) a brilliant performance at centreback, Ramos said:

“Zokora and Dawson worked really well together. They had a classy striker opposite them in Nicolas Frutos and in general they controlled the game well. We conceded a goal and the game became difficult but I would give them a good mark as a partnership. I didn’t know Zokora had played as a central defender. I took the decision exclusively because the team needed him and his experience. He was excellent. Our defence was focused and didn’t allow many chances.”

Zokora has experience playing at centreback, although he’s a midfielder now he had 3 years in the centre of defence for Belgian side Genk – so Tottenham end this match with a new find for central defence – and with Rocha and King on the road back things are looking far rosier than they were before this game.